About EnGroup


En Group support collaborative business creation between Japan and other countries to provide new value for the society.
We would like to confront the problems faced by each region of Japan on a global scale,
such as the declining birthrate and aging population, the shortage of working population,
the lack of successors to businesses, and the closure of traditional industry businesses.
En Group aims to provide new value to society through cooperation between Japan and the rest of the world,
and to create a society in which people can become more affluent.

Our Business

Our business is consisted of three core business.

Producing and 【sales】promoting Japanese premium quality products

  • Collaboration with Japanese traditional creator in Food, Beverage(include alcohol), pottery and others
  • Support of sales promotion of Japanese product to other countries
  • Support of the import and export of the products

Marketing support for products or services to global markets

  • Global marketing research and devising promotion strategies
  • Planning and production of promotions for global markets (websites, advertising design, media content production)

Consultation support of business collaboration between Japan and other countries

  • Support of business negotiation such as in trade show
  • Support of the preparation of Japanese-English business document and presentation material
  • Support of the founding of company in Japan from other countries

Supporting global human resources

  • Support of foreign workers to work in Japan by connecting with organization in overseas
  • Support of English, Japanese and other language acquisition for education or business

Business Owner

Owner had lived in Asia, Oceania area more than 10years.
Won the entrepreneurship award during in University of Sydney (major in commerce).
In business, experienced in global marketing in luxury brand and project management in IT sector.
To accelerate the "Glocal" business, started En Group in 2021.

Our Office

We share our place for the meeting, events etc…


44 Uekimachi Natatsuka, Kita-ku, Kumamoto City,
Kumamoto Prefecture 861-0141

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